Is scuba diving safe?

We can say so. The rules for recreational diving are such that it is very unlikely that something happens to you if you obey the rules. Almost all diving accidents occur because divers do not comply with the prescribed rules. For example; when diving too deep you’ll ignore the proper procedures. Many accidents that happen during the dive are shown in the media as diving accidents, this is not always justified. A common sense is very pleasant if you go scuba diving. It makes sense though that you are at greater risk when moving into an environment where you do not really belong. However; Diving is so safe that many travel insurancy’s seen diving no longer as a risk diving no longer seen as risk. Ski-ing though.

Can you get Caisson Disease?

Caisson Disease is decompression sickness. This is because there arise nitrogen bubbles in your blood when you ascend too quickly at the end of the dive. Recreational divers use very conservative procedures to avoid decompression sickness. It happens rarely. Should it go wrong in the most unlikely event, there are proper anmd well-equiped facilities in Hurghada to treat decrompession sickness.

How fast can you learn to scuba-dive?

With Cool Divers Diving Center you can earn your PADI certification within a week. This is thee PADI Open Water Diver certificate. Although this certification allows you to scuba-dive (without a instructor), you learn to scuba dive to do it, redeem more experince or follow one of the PADI advanced ccourses.

How does a dive vacation or dive trip with Cool Divers Diving Center work?

When you first come we will ask you what to come earlier. Then we have time to get acquainted with you and take care of any rental gear for you. Before you join a trip we can do a check dive with you. The crew knows exactly what your level. That is so sweet.

How’s the diving equipment?

Your gear is going into a crate. All crates are numbered. The crates are put on board by the crew. You do not have to lug. The tanks are on board. Once on the ship, you can already build your set so that it is ready for the first dive.